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Chaga Graham

Writer and Content Editor

“In an increasingly challenging context where “development” is leading to a rapid loss of wildlife habitat – one of the main causes of extinction – each of us can responsibly play a pivotal role in protecting wildlife habitat. If we help save animal species, we will save the whole Earth.”

Chaga Graham is a communications specialist, bringing cross-functional expertise to the table. Having served industry leading local and multinational brands, CSR projects and conducting professional training at leading Marcom Agencies in Sri Lanka and Oman, Chaga’s extensive experience in the industry has enabled her to gain a holistic view of delivering change and transformation. She helps companies to drive business and achieve transformational change by strategically utilizing emerging techniques and technologies.Born in a land of natural beauty – Sri Lanka, she is passionate about birding, elephants and leopards. She has taken her innate talent for art, craft and photography to a new level with a view of contributing towards several conservational projects.She has served as the Honorary Secretary at the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka, making strategic changes at the Society.During her formative years she saw working elephants in her paternal hometown, even shared the broad stream near her ancestral home with those majestic giants, during their mid-day baths. She has witnessed colourful pageants of dancers and drummers with “dressed-up” elephants amidst copra torches, affluent bride grooms riding an elephant to the bride’s home.Chaga is committed to extend more support towards the protection of elephants, rhino and lions by teaming up with GMFER, and thereby strengthen networks with like-minded folks across the globe.


Rosemary Alles

President and Co-founder

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Hale Anderson

Vice president, Finance and Social Media

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Jodie Graham

Board Adviser and Finance

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Nkateko Letti Mzimba

Board Adviser on Indigenous Communities

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Jason Staples

Conservation, Marketing and Branding specialist

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