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Mariana Fernandes

Board Adviser and Social Media

“Every single person can make a difference to help earth’s inhabitants: humanity in balance with nature and its diverse majestic wild animals – droplets in the ocean cause waves … NEVER stop trying!”

Prior to joining GMFER, Mariana advocated against wild animals in captivity and in the entertainment industry, including circuses and zoos, in South Africa. She was one of the main organizers/coordinators of the first ever Global March for Lions in 2014, which targeted the Canned Captive Lion industry in South Africa. She is vehemently opposed to any form of trade of wild animals and their parts, including ivory, rhino horn, lion bones; trophy hunting; and animals in entertainment, including elephant rides and petting of lion/tiger cubs etc. With the GMFER vision of #Justice4All, she advocates constantly against climate change, for environmental protection, and against social and political injustice. Her favourite quotation: “Be Part of the Process” – Pravin Ghordhan SA Ex-Finance Minister.  


Rosemary Alles

President and Co-founder

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Hale Anderson

Vice president, Finance and Social Media

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Chaga Graham

Writer and Content Editor

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Jodie Graham

Board Adviser and Finance

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Bob Robertson

Finance and Social Media

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