GMFER’s Collaborative Campaign to End Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is a quintessential remnant of the worst aspects of colonialism.

“Animals have few rights, but they have every right to be here”

Anthony Douglas


Campaign Objectives

To amplify GMFER’s stance that sentient creatures are not commodities in service of humans. Animals have an inalienable right to exist, free from human induced fear and harm.

To ban the import and export of animal trophies and ensure such bans are enforced

To make the case that profits from trophy hunting do not objectively enrich the life of indigenous peoples who benefit from trophy hunting.

To educate and raise awareness about ecotourism as a viable and necessary alternative to killing. To amplify, encourage and support economic enterprises centered on ecotourism, specifically those owned or co-owned by indigenous communities.

#LetAfricaLive. Trophy hunting is a persistent, unethical, and gruesome challenge legally endorsed within many of the member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Compounding the problem, western Nations continue to permit the import of trophies from Africa; even those of species listed as Endangered on the IUCN’s Red List.

Trophy hunting is not conservation; while it does allocate a marginal fraction of the profits gained from the ugly enterprise to local communities, the neocolonial initiative is quintessential of an exploitive, unsustainable and destructive ethos whose shelf life has expired.

#GMFER collaborates with multiple organizations to end trophy hunting and to ban the import of trophies from Africa to western nations. Ban Trophy Hunting, KUAPO, House of Kenya and many good individuals work with #GMFER to #LetAfricaLive.

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GMFER is registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit in the USA. Our tax identification number (EIN) is 81-1276522.

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