Chennai – a heaven for exotic animal trafficking

Thai Airways midnight daily landing in Chennai is reported to provide ideal cover for trafficking exotic wildlife species such as leopard cubs, marmosets, snakes, iguanas. Chennai airport accounts for 36.1% of all wildlife seizers in Indian airports during the last decade.

Source: The News Minute

Tracing 2,100 missing species before they go extinct

Species detectives are on a mission to track down over 2,100 species that have reportedly gone mission.

Source: The Conversation

Did you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a trophy hunter?

GMFER shares an insightful research finding of what drives trophy hunters to engage in trophy hunting, paying large sums of money.

Source: The Conversation

California to minimize climate change by banning the sale of petrol only vehicles by 2035

The most populous state in the US, California marks a historic moment by imposing a rule that will speed up introducing cleaner vehicles to the market.

Source: BBC

US Government to face lawsuit against dredging and expanding Puerto Rico’s biggest bay

The Center for Biological Diversity files lawsuit against US government, accusing it of dredging and expanding the biggest bay in Puerto Rico to accommodate a liquid natural gas terminal.

Source: AP News

Digital solutions adapted by Australian conservation organizations emerge as efficient and cost effective

Australian bushfires of 2019 and 2020 were devastating and imposed a severe threat to the country’s dwindling numbers of koalas and other wildlife. Conservation Al Hub’s adaptation of digital technology to train the communities to track difficult to spot koalas curled, high up on trees.

Source: Mongabay News

World Elephant Day was marked in South Africa, educating tourists about elephants

Marking the World Elephant Day, the elephant handlers educated the tourists in South Africa, demonstrating elephants’ behaviour, habits and how they respond to handler’s commands.

Source: Africa News

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