The tiger population in Nepal increases by 290% while human-tiger conflicts rise

Marking the International Tiger Day that fell on July 29, the authorities of Nepal expressed concern over the increased number of conflicts with humans although the tiger population far exceeding global conservation expectations.

Source: ABC News

Re-introduction of white rhinos in Zimbabwe community-owned land makes history

Villagers in western Zimbabwe voluntarily donate land nearby the southern boundary of Hwange National Park enabling the release of white rhinos. The community will retain ownership of the land while securing well-compensated jobs.

Source: Mongabay

Wild cheetahs, declared extinct in 1952, to be reintroduced to their natural habitat in India

India’s supreme court announced that African Cheetahs – a vital part of the country’s ecosystem could be brought back to a safe location in India.

Source: The Guardian

African leaders’ summit identifies strategy to conserve protected areas on land and sea

African leaders meet for the first time at Africa’s first continent-wide summit in Kigali. Strategies for nature conservation of protected areas on land and sea with plans to halt and reverse habitat and species loss are scheduled to be discussed.

Source: The Guardian

July 19, 2022

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Incredibly rare video captures hostility between rhinos and lions

Incredibly rare and thrilling footage, showing a pack of lions in an stand-off with rhinos outside Kruger National Park

Source: Independent

Study reveals the need to strengthen relationship between park managers and communities to curb illegal activities

Uganda’s Kibale National Park, although renowned as a primate haven, primate species are often ensnared in traps laid out for other animals.

Source: Mongabay

Study on how banning of trophy hunting imports helps wildlife conservation

UK witnesses a minimum of 10 lion trophies and those of other rare species being imported annually in addition to body parts of 7,000 species including lions, rhinos, elephants and polar bears. UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on banning trophy hunting.

Source: The Guardian

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