100s of Asiatic lions die within two years

An alarming 283 Asiatic lions have died over the last two years in the State of Gujarat, India.

Source: Hindustan Times

1000s of African elephant lives threatened by fossil fuel extraction

"It is incomprehensible that ReconAfrica’s hunt for fossil fuels is going ahead,” said Rosemary Alles from Global March for Rhinos and Elephants. “Fewer than 450,000 elephants survive in Africa, down from millions not so long ago: 130,000 of these have established this region as a home range, and ReconAfrica’s misbegotten plans place them at direct risk."

Source: Rosemary Alles (GMFER) | The Guardian

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine cause pandemics? Why did the WHO endorse TCM?

Scientists are still unraveling the COVID-19 origins story; initial analysis submitted that a bat was the likely reservoir host, and, while a pangolin has not been ruled out as the vector inducing “spillover”, the intermediate host or hosts remain undetermined in the absence of sufficient probabilistic accuracy.

Source: GMFER

August 6, 2021

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100s of Botswana elephants die from uninvestigated ‘mystery’

“The NGO Global March for Elephants and Rhinos noted that it was also vital for the carcasses to be guarded, that the tusks remain intact and that forensically viable blood, tissue and organ samples were in fact obtained. It was also important to know when they were obtained and where they are now.”

Source: GMFER | Daily Maverick

In a reckless move the World Health Organization endorses Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Until they undergo rigorous testing for purity, efficacy, dosage and safety, the WHO should remove traditional medicines from its list. These remedies should be given the same scrutiny as other treatments before being included in standard care practices.”

Source: Scientific American

The World Health Organization’s decision to endorse TCM will backfire

“This situation is all the more troubling because there is little evidence that the preparations made from these animal products actually deliver the promised benefits.”

Source: Nature

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