Excessive human activities result in two gibbon species becoming extinct in China

Developments such as habitat loss, over-exploitation of resources and expanding agriculture reportedly have caused the extinction of two gibbon species in the wild. Source: ABC News Image Credit: Pexels

Chennai – a heaven for exotic animal trafficking

Chennai airport is ranked among the top airports in Asia where smuggling goes on due to its long trading history and firmly established routes with South East Asian countries. TRAFFIC’s India state that a USAID, having analysed trafficking trends reported that Chennai airport is a key destination and serves as an origin point for traffickers. […]

Did you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a trophy hunter?

The findings are based on a research, analyzing 455 hunting stories from online hunting fora, hand picking 2,864 individual phrases. Source: The Conversation Image Credit: Pexels

Re-introduction of white rhinos in Zimbabwe community-owned land makes history

Two decades ago, white rhinos were totally wiped out of Hwange National Park border area by poachers. The strategy to recruit scouts from the local community, which will result in raising tourism dollars for community development and create a buffer zone alongside restoration of a feasible population of white rhinos, received strong support from the […]

African leaders’ summit identifies strategy to conserve protected areas on land and sea

Kigali summit – the IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress (Apac) is set to attract approximately 3,000 delegates from 54 countries, including Indigenous and community representatives. Source: The Guardian Image Credit: Pexels.com

Innovative and complex methods used by illegal wildlife traffickers revealed

UN News photo story reveals innovative ways illegal wildlife traffickers use to bypass controls in container shipping – the most common method of transporting their illicit merchandise from Africa to Asia. Source: UN News Image Credit: Pixabay

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