Indigenous opposition makes Knik Arm Services exit Arctic

Despite Biden’s campaign, promising to ban new oil and gas leases, his administration continues Trump-era policies. The move by KAS is the second such cancellation with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Source: Mongabay Image Credit: Pixabay

California to minimize climate change by banning the sale of petrol only vehicles by 2035

The move comes ahead of the US federal government narrowing down the emission rules to help mitigate climate change. Source: BBC Image Credit: Pixabay

African leaders’ summit identifies strategy to conserve protected areas on land and sea

Kigali summit – the IUCN Africa Protected Areas Congress (Apac) is set to attract approximately 3,000 delegates from 54 countries, including Indigenous and community representatives. Source: The Guardian Image Credit:

Inga people to intensify their case against Canadian oil company in Amazon

At least seven Indigenous reserves that are home to the Inga people in Villagarzón municipality have been overlooked when license were granted to the local subsidiary of the Canadian oil company way back in 2014. The Indigenous people’s right to prior consultation has been violated while seeking license from the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA) […]

How will Climate Change affect Nepal’s rhinos?

“Ganesh Pant worries about the future. While he delights in the stunning conservation accomplishment that has seen the numbers of greater one-horned rhinos in Nepal jump from 100 in 1965 to 752 in 2021, he wants to be sure that success will continue.” Source: The Guardian Image Credit: TBD

1000s of African elephant lives threatened by fossil fuel extraction

The Okavango Delta watershed is a pristine and biologically rich region; it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. ReconAfrica, a Canadian oil and gas exploration company has recently begun the 2nd stage of its seismic survey in the Delta, searching for oil and gas with the blessing of the Namibian Government.  Elephant populations in […]

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine cause pandemics? Why did the WHO endorse TCM?

Scientists are still unraveling the COVID-19 origins story; initial analysis submitted that a bat was the likely reservoir host, and, while a pangolin has not been ruled out as the vector inducing “spillover”, the intermediate host or hosts remain undetermined in the absence of sufficient probabilistic accuracy. Whether the virus emerged at the Wuhan live […]

100s of Botswana elephants die from uninvestigated ‘mystery’

“The NGO Global March for Elephants and Rhinos noted that it was also vital for the carcasses to be guarded, that the tusks remain intact and that forensically viable blood, tissue and organ samples were in fact obtained. It was also important to know when they were obtained and where they are now.” Daily Maverick. […]

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