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Submit your request – Stop Trophy Hunting, Ban Trophy Imports

Join the coalition and act now. Write the Secretary of the Interior. Tell her to stop the import of animal trophies into the United States. #stoptrohyhunting

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Sign On Letter: End the Ivory Trade in Canada

Please lend your name and endorse this letter addressed to the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change asking for elephant ivory trade prohibitions and increased regulatory measures in Canada. #IvoryFreeCanada.

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Sign the Petition: Stop the torture and Exploitation of Elephants in Sri Lanka!

Take action: Demand that the government of Sri Lanka stop gifting or selling elephants to temples or private individuals and that no government-held elephants are used in religious parades or other Sri Lankan cultural events. #FreeSriLankanElephants

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Sign the petition: Save the Manatees in Florida

Take Action. Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to prioritize manatee populations and save Florida’s state marine mammal mascot from extinction! #SavetheManatees

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Sign the Petition: Stop the slaughter of lions in Vietnam

In July 2021, Vietnamese authorities seized a shipment containing three tons of lion bones – the equivalent of roughly 300 lions. Vietnam's July 2020 ban on importing wildlife is a step forward, but this is not a long-term plan to address the root causes of the trade. #Stopthelionslaughter

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Sign the Petition: Ban the trade in elephant skins!

The sale of elephant skins is growing around the world, especially in the U.S. Elephant skins are used to make wallets and purses, gun holsters and boots. Ask U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Haaland, and USFWS Deputy Director Williams to ban the import of elephant body parts into the U.S. #Banthetradeinelephantskins

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Emergency Petition: Stop Leopard Trophy Imports!

Take action. American trophy hunters bring home more than half of all leopard trophies worldwide. Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stop permitting leopard trophy imports — Up-list the African leopard under the Endangered Species Act from threatened to endangered.#Stopleopardtrophyimports

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