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Big and ambitious or small and intimate, since 2013, events such as yours have made a measurable impact in protecting the lives and homes of iconic wild creatures.

GMFER’s events have amplified the voices of indigenous peoples in the conversation about conservation. Your event will help raise awareness and complement GMFER’s ongoing efforts to craft policy and legislation benefitting earth’s wild creatures. We are grateful!

Help us help them:

Since 2013, our annual events have raised awareness, lobbied for national and international policy and legislation to protect the lives and homes of iconic wildlife, and amplified the voices of indigenous in the conversation about conservation. Over the years our events have influenced the passage of laws that regulate and ban the trade in ivory and rhino horn, specifically laws in the USA, the UK, and China.

Our current campaigns center around removing animal body parts from Traditional Chinese Medicine (#TCM), ending wildlife markets that continue to flourish, evicting ReconAfrica, a Canadian fossil-fuel extraction corporation, from the Okavango Delta, ending Trophy Hunting, and raising global awareness about the splendor and fragility of our wild world. Our programs amplify the urgent need to protect, preserve and cherish earth’s last wild creatures and wild places.

No matter how big, or how small your event is, it matters. We will help you plan, organize, and execute.

Thank you for your dedication and love for our wild world and all those who call earth’s last wild places, “home”.

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