CITES Part 2: Protected?

It is estimated that there are 8 million animal and plant species worldwide. Of these, about 1 million are threatened with extinction – this affects, for example, a quarter of all mammals and every 8th bird species. There are many interrelated and mutually reinforcing drivers: habitat loss, pollution, climate change, the spread of invasive alien […]

CITES Part 1: Extinct.

In the history of our earth there have been 5 great species extinctions. The most well-known is the most recent one: the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. These mass extinctions were largely caused by natural disasters. In the case of dinosaurs, most likely wiped out by the impact of an enormous asteroid. […]

US Government to face lawsuit against dredging and expanding Puerto Rico’s biggest bay

Dredging and expanding will endanger wildlife and humans as it is planned to remove 2.2 million cubic yards of seafloor sediment. Source: AP News Image Credit: Unsplash

Digital solutions adapted by Australian conservation organizations emerge as efficient and cost effective

Conservation Al Hub urges the need to make digital technology more accessible for communities in order to partner global conservation efforts. Source: Mongabay News Image Credit: Pexels

Study reveals the need to strengthen relationship between park managers and communities to curb illegal activities

Although a recent study highlights that nine mammal species, including chimpanzees have grown as a result of patrolling that seem to deter poachers, the unintentional snares have a direct impact of other primate species. Source: Mongabay Image Credit:

Study on how banning of trophy hunting imports helps wildlife conservation

Prof. Hans Brauen, extensively experienced working with several international organisations commands 25 years of research on lions in many parts of Africa. Research reveals how trophy hunting doesn’t help wildlife in most parts of Africa and points out that the local communities benefit next to nothing from the continued programme of trophy hunting. Source: The […]

Workshop held in Nagaland calls for community involvement to counter human elephant conflict

Wokha district in Nagaland experiences increasing numbers of human-elephant conflict due to the loss of elephant habitats. The workshop organized by the Nagaland Forest Department Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) – India and the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board urged all sectors to work together towards conservation of wildlife. Source: North-East Now Image Credit: Unsplash

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