Did you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a trophy hunter?

The findings are based on a research, analyzing 455 hunting stories from online hunting fora, hand picking 2,864 individual phrases. Source: The Conversation Image Credit: Pexels

July 19, 2022

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Incredibly rare video captures hostility between rhinos and lions

The owner of a nearby retreat claims that such encounters have been reported only twice in a period of six years View the video on Independent TV Image Credit: Pexels.com

Pioneering efforts of Save the Rhino Trust indicates a remarkable growth of black rhino population

Kunene Region in the Northwest Namibia is home to a small but important population of unique black rhinos. Four decades ago SRT began working alongside with the Namibian Government and local communities to save the black rhino population which has now grown to be the largest truly wild population of any rhino species on earth, […]

May 30, 2022

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$150m Bond to save South Africa’s black rhino and communities

Black rhino is an umbrella species that helps shape the ecosystems on which the other species and economies depend on. Rhinos are slaughtered every single day for their horns. First-of-its-kind financial instrument – Sustainable Development Bond, also known as “Rhino Bond” that releases funds to save black rhinos and helping the communities has been issued […]

Environmentalists fear the growth of demand for traditional Chinese medicine in Africa

Environmentalists fear the potential growth of demand for traditional Chinese medicine could encourage poachers to go after endangered wildlife species such as rhinos. Source: VOA news Image Credit: Pexels.com

How will Climate Change affect Nepal’s rhinos?

“Ganesh Pant worries about the future. While he delights in the stunning conservation accomplishment that has seen the numbers of greater one-horned rhinos in Nepal jump from 100 in 1965 to 752 in 2021, he wants to be sure that success will continue.” Source: The Guardian Image Credit: TBD

In a reckless move the World Health Organization endorses Traditional Chinese Medicine

“China has been pushing for wider global acceptance of traditional medicines, which brings in some $50 billion in annual revenue for the nation’s economy. And in 2016 Margaret Chan, then the WHO director, praised China’s plans to do so. But while it’s a good idea to catalogue TCM and make health workers aware of treatments […]

The World Health Organization’s decision to endorse TCM will backfire

“This donkey rush is driven by the annual 15-billion-yuan (US$2.2-billion) market for ejiao, a gelatin made by boiling donkey skins. It is a highly prized ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), believed to stop bleeding and fight coughs and cancer. Demand has surged over the past few decades as China’s wealthy population has grown: a […]

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