Excessive human activities result in two gibbon species becoming extinct in China

Developments such as habitat loss, over-exploitation of resources and expanding agriculture reportedly have caused the extinction of two gibbon species in the wild. Source: ABC News Image Credit: Pexels

Chennai – a heaven for exotic animal trafficking

Chennai airport is ranked among the top airports in Asia where smuggling goes on due to its long trading history and firmly established routes with South East Asian countries. TRAFFIC’s India state that a USAID, having analysed trafficking trends reported that Chennai airport is a key destination and serves as an origin point for traffickers. […]

Interesting trivia about Lions as the world marks Lion Day

This highly adaptable species is believed to be the only species where the individuals roar together, including the young cubs. Source: ZeeBiz Image Credit: Pixabay

Infamous wildlife trophy hunter gunned down in South Africa

Naude was known for killing elephants and lions and uploading photos of himself next to the dead animal. Source: Independent Image Credit: Pexels

The tiger population in Nepal increases by 290% while human-tiger conflicts rise

Unlike Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, where tiger population continue to decline or even experience total extinction, Nepal, the landlocked nation, nestled in the Himalayan Mountains is among the other South Asian countries where the numbers increase. Nepali officials report that in the last year, on an average three people have been killed every month by […]

Wild cheetahs, declared extinct in 1952, to be reintroduced to their natural habitat in India

The Asiatic Cheetah was declared extinct from India in 1952. Indian officials are hopeful of re-establishing ecological functioning with the reintroduction of the keystone species to coincide with India marking 75 years of independence in August. Eight cats will be brought from Namibia to roam freely at Kuno-Palpur national park in Madhya Pradesh. Source: The […]

July 19, 2022

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Incredibly rare video captures hostility between rhinos and lions

The owner of a nearby retreat claims that such encounters have been reported only twice in a period of six years View the video on Independent TV Image Credit: Pexels.com

Study on how banning of trophy hunting imports helps wildlife conservation

Prof. Hans Brauen, extensively experienced working with several international organisations commands 25 years of research on lions in many parts of Africa. Research reveals how trophy hunting doesn’t help wildlife in most parts of Africa and points out that the local communities benefit next to nothing from the continued programme of trophy hunting. Source: The […]

Innovative and complex methods used by illegal wildlife traffickers revealed

UN News photo story reveals innovative ways illegal wildlife traffickers use to bypass controls in container shipping – the most common method of transporting their illicit merchandise from Africa to Asia. Source: UN News Image Credit: Pixabay

Workshop held in Nagaland calls for community involvement to counter human elephant conflict

Wokha district in Nagaland experiences increasing numbers of human-elephant conflict due to the loss of elephant habitats. The workshop organized by the Nagaland Forest Department Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) – India and the Nagaland State Biodiversity Board urged all sectors to work together towards conservation of wildlife. Source: North-East Now Image Credit: Unsplash

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