Study reveals the need to strengthen relationship between park managers and communities to curb illegal activities

Although a recent study highlights that nine mammal species, including chimpanzees have grown as a result of patrolling that seem to deter poachers, the unintentional snares have a direct impact of other primate species. Source: Mongabay Image Credit:

Innovative and complex methods used by illegal wildlife traffickers revealed

UN News photo story reveals innovative ways illegal wildlife traffickers use to bypass controls in container shipping – the most common method of transporting their illicit merchandise from Africa to Asia. Source: UN News Image Credit: Pixabay

Pioneering efforts of Save the Rhino Trust indicates a remarkable growth of black rhino population

Kunene Region in the Northwest Namibia is home to a small but important population of unique black rhinos. Four decades ago SRT began working alongside with the Namibian Government and local communities to save the black rhino population which has now grown to be the largest truly wild population of any rhino species on earth, […]

June 13, 2022

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TRAFFIC and VOTMA working with Vietnamese TM doctors to ensure cutbacks in prescribing illicit products

Vietnam’s TM products and treatments use ingredients from rare and endangered wildlife species, contributing directly to global wildlife crime. TRAFFIC and the VOTMA held a scientific workshop for the TM sector, at which the impact of the continued use of endangered species on public health, conservation of wild species and achievable solutions were discussed. Source: […]

Environmentalists fear the growth of demand for traditional Chinese medicine in Africa

Environmentalists fear the potential growth of demand for traditional Chinese medicine could encourage poachers to go after endangered wildlife species such as rhinos. Source: VOA news Image Credit:

A glimmer of hope for conservation of Sri Lanka’s pangolin

The Indian pangolins, forming a small population in Sri Lanka have been threatened by hunting for bushmeat. Pangolin meat is a sought-after delicacy, falsely believed to help several medical conditions. The developing trend of pangolins being captured for trafficking overseas imposes a further threat on these shy and vulnerable animals. Having observed the lack of […]

100s of Asiatic lions die within two years

“Gandhinagar: As many as 283 Asiatic lions have died over the last two years, the Gujarat government has told the state assembly. In response to questions in the House on Monday, forest and environment minister Kiritsinh Rana said 159 deaths were reported in 2020 and 124 in 2021.” Source: Hindustan Times Image Credit: TBD

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