CITES Part 2: Protected?

It is estimated that there are 8 million animal and plant species worldwide. Of these, about 1 million are threatened with extinction – this affects, for example, a quarter of all mammals and every 8th bird species. There are many interrelated and mutually reinforcing drivers: habitat loss, pollution, climate change, the spread of invasive alien […]

CITES Part 1: Extinct.

In the history of our earth there have been 5 great species extinctions. The most well-known is the most recent one: the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. These mass extinctions were largely caused by natural disasters. In the case of dinosaurs, most likely wiped out by the impact of an enormous asteroid. […]

Did you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a trophy hunter?

The findings are based on a research, analyzing 455 hunting stories from online hunting fora, hand picking 2,864 individual phrases. Source: The Conversation Image Credit: Pexels

California to minimize climate change by banning the sale of petrol only vehicles by 2035

The move comes ahead of the US federal government narrowing down the emission rules to help mitigate climate change. Source: BBC Image Credit: Pixabay

US Government to face lawsuit against dredging and expanding Puerto Rico’s biggest bay

Dredging and expanding will endanger wildlife and humans as it is planned to remove 2.2 million cubic yards of seafloor sediment. Source: AP News Image Credit: Unsplash

World Elephant Day was marked in South Africa, educating tourists about elephants

The session focused on how elephants struggle to survive in Africa, where the elephant population has come down from 4 million to about 400,000. Source: Africa News Image Credit: Pixabay

Interesting trivia about Lions as the world marks Lion Day

This highly adaptable species is believed to be the only species where the individuals roar together, including the young cubs. Source: ZeeBiz Image Credit: Pixabay

Climate change kills 20 times more elephants than poaching

Elephants, needing a daily diet of about 300 kg, face a growing threat of climate change causing droughts, season after season in East Africa. Source: BBC Image Credit: Pexels

A study on elephant biomechanics suggests a new approach to soft robotics

The same Georgia Tech team, whose study last summer suggested that elephants use their trunk muscles to inhale food and water, published their newest study which suggests elephant’s innovation: flexible skin folds. Source: Science Daily Image Credit: Pexels

The tiger population in Nepal increases by 290% while human-tiger conflicts rise

Unlike Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, where tiger population continue to decline or even experience total extinction, Nepal, the landlocked nation, nestled in the Himalayan Mountains is among the other South Asian countries where the numbers increase. Nepali officials report that in the last year, on an average three people have been killed every month by […]

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