Did you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a trophy hunter?

The findings are based on a research, analyzing 455 hunting stories from online hunting fora, hand picking 2,864 individual phrases. Source: The Conversation Image Credit: Pexels

World Elephant Day was marked in South Africa, educating tourists about elephants

The session focused on how elephants struggle to survive in Africa, where the elephant population has come down from 4 million to about 400,000. Source: Africa News Image Credit: Pixabay

Climate change kills 20 times more elephants than poaching

Elephants, needing a daily diet of about 300 kg, face a growing threat of climate change causing droughts, season after season in East Africa. Source: BBC Image Credit: Pexels

Infamous wildlife trophy hunter gunned down in South Africa

Naude was known for killing elephants and lions and uploading photos of himself next to the dead animal. Source: Independent Image Credit: Pexels

A study on elephant biomechanics suggests a new approach to soft robotics

The same Georgia Tech team, whose study last summer suggested that elephants use their trunk muscles to inhale food and water, published their newest study which suggests elephant’s innovation: flexible skin folds. Source: Science Daily Image Credit: Pexels

Innovative and complex methods used by illegal wildlife traffickers revealed

UN News photo story reveals innovative ways illegal wildlife traffickers use to bypass controls in container shipping – the most common method of transporting their illicit merchandise from Africa to Asia. Source: UN News Image Credit: Pixabay

June 23, 2022

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Thai tourism elephants trekked back to forests hoping they could forage naturally

Veteran photographer, Adam Oswell who has visited several villages, documents the fate of the captive elephants, now allowed to co-exist peacefully with the rural communities who earn an extra income from tourists that visit to observe them. Source: Mongabay Image Credit: Pexels.com

June 13, 2022

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TRAFFIC and VOTMA working with Vietnamese TM doctors to ensure cutbacks in prescribing illicit products

Vietnam’s TM products and treatments use ingredients from rare and endangered wildlife species, contributing directly to global wildlife crime. TRAFFIC and the VOTMA held a scientific workshop for the TM sector, at which the impact of the continued use of endangered species on public health, conservation of wild species and achievable solutions were discussed. Source: […]

June 13, 2022


Activists warn of a “frightening trend” of wild elephants being used in captive elephant trade

A group of volunteers from the Adi Students Union were successful in stopping 10 trucks transporting illegally captured wild elephants from their fertile, lush, tropical, natural habitat of Arunachal Pradesh, to the dry, unnatural terrain of Jamnagar in western Gujarat 3,400 kilo metres away. Source: DownToEarth Image Credit: Pixabay

Innovative solutions to save the last elephants of Laos

The total elephant population of Laos is an alarmingly low number of around 800. For decades, elephants of Laos have had to face a painful life in captivity while being used in the logging industry. Re-introducing the ex-captive elephants to the wild is one of the innovative solutions Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC), working together with […]

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