May 30, 2022

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$150m Bond to save South Africa’s black rhino and communities

World Bank issued a $150 million five-year bond to help protect and increase endangered black rhino populations and communities in two protected areas in South Africa.

Source: The World Bank

Innovative solutions to save the last elephants of Laos

For decades, the small population of elephants in Laos have been used in the logging industry. Rewilding ex-captive elephants has improved their lives while showing favourable signs of them mixing with the wild herds.

Source: International Elephant Project

Environmentalists fear the growth of demand for traditional Chinese medicine in Africa

In spite of the safety and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine is still being debated worldwide, their popularity appears to be gaining popularity in African countries.

Source: VOA news

May 24, 2022


GGA report reveals that the value of trophy hunting to conservation has been hugely exaggerated

An extensive study by Africa-wide Good Governance Africa (GGA) reveals that trophy hunting is about the desire to kill wild animals disguised as conservation or community upliftment.

Source: Daily Maverick

Shout out to all tiger ranged countries and stakeholders to lead tiger conservation sans politics

Rescuing tigers rather than playing politics, deviating from the primary goals has been the pattern in the past decades. Upcoming Tiger Summit in September to address the prime concerns, past mistakes and lessons learnt.

Source: Mongabay

A glimmer of hope for conservation of Sri Lanka’s pangolin

Internationally renowned pangolin expert and team of researchers to boost conservation of threatened population of Indian pangolins found in Sri Lanka.

Source: Mongabay

How will Climate Change affect Nepal’s rhinos?

Do one-horned Nepali rhinos who survived near extinction from poaching face a greater threat from the Climate Crisis?

Source: The Guardian

100s of Asiatic lions die within two years

An alarming 283 Asiatic lions have died over the last two years in the State of Gujarat, India.

Source: Hindustan Times

1000s of African elephant lives threatened by fossil fuel extraction

"It is incomprehensible that ReconAfrica’s hunt for fossil fuels is going ahead,” said Rosemary Alles from Global March for Rhinos and Elephants. “Fewer than 450,000 elephants survive in Africa, down from millions not so long ago: 130,000 of these have established this region as a home range, and ReconAfrica’s misbegotten plans place them at direct risk."

Source: Rosemary Alles (GMFER) | The Guardian

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine cause pandemics? Why did the WHO endorse TCM?

Scientists are still unraveling the COVID-19 origins story; initial analysis submitted that a bat was the likely reservoir host, and, while a pangolin has not been ruled out as the vector inducing “spillover”, the intermediate host or hosts remain undetermined in the absence of sufficient probabilistic accuracy.

Source: GMFER

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