Study reveals the need to strengthen relationship between park managers and communities to curb illegal activities

Uganda’s Kibale National Park, although renowned as a primate haven, primate species are often ensnared in traps laid out for other animals.

Source: Mongabay

Study on how banning of trophy hunting imports helps wildlife conservation

UK witnesses a minimum of 10 lion trophies and those of other rare species being imported annually in addition to body parts of 7,000 species including lions, rhinos, elephants and polar bears. UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on banning trophy hunting.

Source: The Guardian

Innovative and complex methods used by illegal wildlife traffickers revealed

UNDP’s project to eliminate illegal wildlife trade via land and sea detects modern methods used by traffickers to conceal illicit cargo.

Source: UN News

Workshop held in Nagaland calls for community involvement to counter human elephant conflict

A range of vital aspects of community engagement in the conservation of wildlife was discussed at a workshop held in Nagaland, where human elephant conflict is on the increase.

Source: North-East Now

Pioneering efforts of Save the Rhino Trust indicates a remarkable growth of black rhino population

SRT was established to reduce poaching and save black rhinos from the brink of extinction. Their straightforward but highly effective method of offering poachers a sustainable and secure livelihood as wildlife guards has proven astounding results.

Source: Save the Rhino

June 23, 2022

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Thai tourism elephants trekked back to forests hoping they could forage naturally

Hundreds of captive elephant owners in Thailand, severely affected by the collapse of global tourism are compelled to merge back their elephants into rural villages, allowing the captive elephants to forage naturally and explore their natural environment.

Source: Mongabay

June 13, 2022

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TRAFFIC and VOTMA working with Vietnamese TM doctors to ensure cutbacks in prescribing illicit products

A landmark workshop was held in Vietnam to promote innovative solutions that help cut down the use of illegal wildlife products in Traditional Medicine (TM) products and treatments.


June 13, 2022


Activists warn of a “frightening trend” of wild elephants being used in captive elephant trade

Outraging images and video footage of yet another convoy of trucks transporting 10 elephants in the Indian state, Arunachal Pradesh shocked the entire country, resulting in wildlife activists raising the alarm about the rise of wild elephants being used in the illegal captive elephant trade.

Source: DownToEarth

Inga people to intensify their case against Canadian oil company in Amazon

Although the project site of the local subsidiary of Canada’s Gran Tierra Energy was granted license to prospect for oil in Villagarzón municipality, denying the presence of Indigenous communities in the proposed project’s area, the project site does overlap with as many as seven reserves that are home to the Inga people, who are taking their case to the international forum.

Source: Mongabay

June 7, 2022


Jane Goodall urges protection for the big cats and mercy for imprisoned scientists studying them

Marking the World Environment Day 2022, legendary conservationist, Jane Goodall, together with top 50 scientists urges protection for the Persian leopard and seven imprisoned scientists studying them.

Source: Mongabay

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