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Nicolás Eliades Vesga

International Climate and Ecological Emergency Communications Strategist

“Humans are the only biological organism in history to have threatened the planet with mass extinction, yet we are also the only one capable of doing something about it. If we don’t act now, the planet will endure, but life will not.”

Nicolás has going on 20 years of national, international, political and organisational communications, as well journalism experience, spanning four continents. Brought up in a Colombian and Cypriot-South African household, multiculturalism is his way of life. Past employers includes the US Department of State, the EU’s European Commission, renown Colombian daily El Espectador, Africa’s biggest broadcaster, SABC, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Following a Climate Leader training with Al Gore in 2018, Nicolás launched himself as climate activist, first with the Climate Reality Project followed by Extinction Rebellion. Co-founder of Spain’s national chapter, he volunteered his skills and set-up its groundbreaking National Comms Commission, instrumental in pushing through the “Climate and Environmental Emergency” declaration. His work was also central to stopping the encroachment of Masaai lands and migratory corridors by the government of Kenya in Nairobi National Park in 2020 through an international comms campaign. He is currently based in Spain where he established the international PR agency, TheClima.es, focusing on climate and ecological emergency communication, seeking to democratise communication skills and put them at the service of vulnerable communities on the frontlines of climate change, seeking to obtain global narrative shifts through diverse global projects.

Press Contact

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Climate Leader, Climate Reality Project

European Climate Pact Ambassador, EU Commission


Degree in International Studies (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Honours Degree in International Relations (University of Pretoria, South Africa)

Masters degree in Conflict Management (UN Mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica)

Masters degree in Latin American Studies (University of Salamanca, Spain)


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