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Nkateko Letti Mzimba

Board Adviser on Indigenous Communities

“We owe it to ourselves and to the next generation to conserve the environment so that we can bequeath our children a sustainable world that benefits all.”

Wangari Maathai

Nkateko is from the Hluvukani community in rural South Africa. Since 2014, she has worked as a ranger with the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching-Unit under the auspices of Transfrontier Africa, a South African NPO. The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit is the first all female Anti-Poaching-Unit in the world.

As a Black Mamba, Nkateko patrols nature reserves open to and adjacent to Kruger National Park; she is actively involved in protecting elephants, rhinos, lions and a myriad other endangered and iconic species from poaching and trafficking activities. Nkateko is also a lead organizer and collaborator for Mambas in the Park, an initiative by GMFER to amplify indigenous voices rising for the wild wonder of Africa; Mambas in the Park disrupts conventional conservation paradigms, bringing the wild heritage of Africa to the children and communities of rural South Africa.

Nkateko is also the founder of Nkateko Hluvukani Foundation, an initiative she began on behalf of the elderly and children of her community. The Foundation supports Hluvukani with food, clothing and opportunities that generate agency and build capacity. Nkateko and the people of Hluvukani appreciate any and all support offered on behalf of their community.

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Nkateko is the recipient of multiple certificates and awards:

Firefighting Workers
Forensic Psychophysiology and Selected Veracity Analysis Techniques (Certification)
Love Life Motivational Course (Certification)
Mamba of the Month (Certificate)
Most Valuable Player Award in Athletics (School Certification)
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve Bush School (Certification)
USAID – Community HIV/AIDS Counseling (Certification)
Veterans for Wildlife (Senior Command Course Certification)
Veterans for Wildlife (Team Medic Course Certification)


Matriculation, South Africa

Pending FGASA -Field Guide- Certification


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