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Jason Staples

Conservation, Marketing and Branding specialist

“I was asked what it takes to be an anti-poacher and wildlife conservationist? I replied, it takes everything you have, physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Jason and his family live just a skip north of Chicago, in southeastern WI. A devoted husband, and father to a beautiful daughter, two Mastiffs, one Yorkie and two cats. Upon graduating High School, Jason entered the Navy where he was a K9 Handler and Trainer attached to the Special Boat Units. Having served in Northern Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America, Jason discovered there was a great need to protect wildlife in peril. After a serious injury in Europe, Jason accepted an honorable discharge and became a contractor for anti-poaching NGO’s in Africa and Asia. After years of military and contracting work Jason settled back home and began his academic path receiving a bachelor’s in Business Administration and Criminal Justice Administration. During this time Jason also became a Registered Veterinary Technician and worked at a large animal hospital in ICU. Upon completion of his bachelor degrees he went on to work for companies that had FDA pharmaceuticals and diagnostic equipment for large animals, marketing, sponsoring, fund raising and educating the public across the United States. Most recently, with his Master’s in Veterinary Forensic Medicine, finishing a second in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology, Jason plans to bridge the two degrees and begin his PhD shortly in Wildlife Conservation with an emphasis in OneHealth. His further aspirations as an expert in counterterrorism and anti-poaching would be to work full time with for GMFER where he can apply both his academic knowledge and his experiences to better the future for Africa’s wildlife and her communities in need.

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Intelligence Specialist2nd class (Special Boat Unit)
Expert Sharper Shooter pistol and rifle
K9 handler and trainer
Amphibious warfare
Bomb Disposal
Clandestine Operations
Close-quarters combat
Jungle warfare
Desert warfare
Fire support
Long range penetration


Masters Wildlife Conservation and Ecology (Spring 2023, PhD candidacy For Wildlife Conservation and Ecology)

Masters Veterinary Forensic Medicine

Criminal Justice emphasis Forensics B.S.

Business Administration emphasis Marketing B.A.

Registered Veterinary Technician

NASD License 6, 7, 63, 66


Rosemary Alles

President and Co-founder

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Hale Anderson

Vice president, Finance and Social Media

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Chaga Graham

Writer and Content Editor

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Jodie Graham

Board Adviser and Finance

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Nkateko Letti Mzimba

Board Adviser on Indigenous Communities

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