Who would have thought that?

No one surprises us, impresses us, enchants us as much as Mother Nature does. Over the course of millions of years, since the emergence of the very first cell, Mother Nature has created the truly strangest curiosities. You can marvel at some of these in this in round 2 of our bush quiz (while testing your knowledge of the flora and fauna of the African Savannah):

If you missed it, scroll down on the blog page to find round 1 of our bush quiz “Who would have thought that?”

March 11, 2023

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Tracking Mother Nature: Prominent Paw Prints

While on a walk through nature, how thoroughly did you look at tracks on the ground? What differences could you see? And what conclusions could you draw about the animal that left the footprint?

December 27, 2022


A Cry Making the Blood Run Cold

Over 150 years ago, millions of elephants roamed most of the African continent, as well as in Asia from China in the east to Iraq in the west. But due to hunting, poaching and habitat loss, both Asian and African elephants are now only found in highly fragmented habitats. In Southeast Asia, many elephants are used as domestic and working animals. But as for the wild, free-ranging giants, they are endangered. There are two different groups of elephants that live in Africa; the forest elephant (critically endangered) and the savannah elephant (endangered).After excessive trophy hunting in colonised Africa at the beginning of the 20th century, only a few populations of the savannah elephant were able to recover. Due to ongoing poaching, populations continue to decline drastically. About 20,000 elephants are killed in Africa every year.

Our wild world in the time of COVID

“In an increasingly challenging context where development is leading to a rapid loss of wildlife habitat – one of the main causes of extinction – each of us can responsibly play a pivotal role in protecting wildlife habitat. If we help save animal species, we will save the whole Earth”
Chaga Graham

September 12, 2021


The Bone Collector

In my dreams. I walk with matriarchs.

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