Our wild world in the time of COVID

“In an increasingly challenging context where development is leading to a rapid loss of wildlife habitat – one of the main causes of extinction – each of us can responsibly play a pivotal role in protecting wildlife habitat. If we help save animal species, we will save the whole Earth”
Chaga Graham

September 12, 2021

The lost kingdom

This old boy will be gone soon, his gait, his tattered ears, his interactions with the sounder of warthogs around him, how often he’s challenged, the frequency of his “rest-stops”… they tell a story of a creature hanging on to the last vestiges of power, of dominance. Yes, he’s still able to chase away younger bulls, defend his territory and protect his “food”, but, barely, barely; the circle is closing in.

September 12, 2021


The Bone Collector

In my dreams. I walk with matriarchs.

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