May 5, 2023

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Hide and Seek

A female kudu sneaks stealthily through the bushes. Again and again she looks around as if to make sure that no one is watching her. Carefully, she puts one hoof in front of the other, always twitching her nose to detect even the slightest scent, always turning her ears in different directions to pick up every sound, no matter how gentle. When she feels safe, she takes the last steps to a very specific place where she is already eagerly awaited.

March 11, 2023

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Tracking Mother Nature: Prominent Paw Prints

While on a walk through nature, how thoroughly did you look at tracks on the ground? What differences could you see? And what conclusions could you draw about the animal that left the footprint?

November 13, 2022


A Cry Bone-Deep

Lions once roamed large parts of Africa and Southwest Asia. Today they are found only in scattered regions in the grass and scrublands of Africa. Their populations are declining, partly due to the high demand for lion bone and teeth to be used for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Mozambique, for example, poachers use poisoned bait to kill the lions and then cut off their heads and paws. In South Africa the dubious industry of lion breeding is involved in the trade of bones of these majestic cats.

Our wild world in the time of COVID

“In an increasingly challenging context where development is leading to a rapid loss of wildlife habitat – one of the main causes of extinction – each of us can responsibly play a pivotal role in protecting wildlife habitat. If we help save animal species, we will save the whole Earth”
Chaga Graham

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