March 1, 2023

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A Life Along the Water

They are big, chubby and prefer to spend the day having a bath. But they are also quick-tempered and aggressive, which is why they are one of the most dangerous mammals in Africa. Hippos are actually very territorial and defend their home from any intruder. Repeatedly hunted down by the ivory trade, and often suffering greatly due to human-animal conflict, the hippopotamus population is now considered endangered.

December 4, 2022


A Cry Making The Feathers Fly

This parrot is up to 90 cm tall, lives in Central and South America and has a beautiful green and blue plumage. And it is because of this beautiful plumage that Great Green Macaws are hunted or illegally traded as pets. Their greatest threat, however, is the loss of their habitat: This macaw is associated with the mountain almond tree, an endangered plant that is nevertheless being cut down. There are now only about 500 to 1000 Great Green Macaws left in the wild.

A Cry Scaling Off Soon

It looks like a pinecone, a walking pinecone with a tongue longer than its own body. This fascinating mammal is called a Pangolin, an animal fairly unknown to most people in the world – even though it’s the most trafficked animal in the world! In some Asian countries, their meat is considered a delicacy in noble restaurants. Their scales and claws, on the other hand, are used in traditional Chinese medicine. There are a total of eight species in the world, living in Asia and Africa. And all eight species are threatened with extinction.

November 13, 2022


A Cry Bone-Deep

Lions once roamed large parts of Africa and Southwest Asia. Today they are found only in scattered regions in the grass and scrublands of Africa. Their populations are declining, partly due to the high demand for lion bone and teeth to be used for Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Mozambique, for example, poachers use poisoned bait to kill the lions and then cut off their heads and paws. In South Africa the dubious industry of lion breeding is involved in the trade of bones of these majestic cats.

October 31, 2022


River Full of Light

The call of the fish eagle resounds early in the morning. It welcomes the new day. Babblers intone their harsh song. A few black crakes join in the chorus. The wingbeat of a flock of geese sounds sharply from the sky. And the mighty Okavango gently laps.

October 23, 2022


A Cry From Primeval Times

Their skin is so rough that it almost looks like it has scaled. It gives the rhinos an appearance as if they have come to us from prehistoric times. And in fact, rhinos have existed for over 50 million years. They have survived the ice ages, but will they survive humans? Because the biggest threat to rhinos today are the poachers who slaughter them in order to sell their horn at high prices.

October 23, 2022


A Cry From A Fading Rainbow

They are small, slimy and come in all colours of the rainbow: Harlequin toads inhabit the rainforests of South and Central America. They are considered an indicator of a healthy ecosystem. But how healthy is the rainforest ecosystem? After all, 83 % of the 94 known species are threatened with extinction.

October 18, 2022


Worth a Stop, Worth a Photo

Impalas are among the most beautiful antelopes in South Africa. Their coat, always meticulously groomed, shines in the warm sunlight, they move gracefully through the waist-high grass, and when threatened they perform elegant aerial leaps. They are one of the many treasures the African bush has to offer. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this.

Our wild world in the time of COVID

“In an increasingly challenging context where development is leading to a rapid loss of wildlife habitat – one of the main causes of extinction – each of us can responsibly play a pivotal role in protecting wildlife habitat. If we help save animal species, we will save the whole Earth”
Chaga Graham

September 12, 2021

The lost kingdom

This old boy will be gone soon, his gait, his tattered ears, his interactions with the sounder of warthogs around him, how often he’s challenged, the frequency of his “rest-stops”… they tell a story of a creature hanging on to the last vestiges of power, of dominance. Yes, he’s still able to chase away younger bulls, defend his territory and protect his “food”, but, barely, barely; the circle is closing in.

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