Plastic Pollution: The Clean-Up

When you think of Africa, the images that come to mind could hardly be more different: the giant dunes of the deserts, the dense green of the rainforest, the vast plains of the savannah. Magnificent ecosystems, protected in extensive national parks and reserves. But also: poverty in many communities, thronging people in the overcrowded big cities, inadequately equipped schools (or the lack of them) and litter by the side of the road everywhere. All these very different images of Africa are interconnected and interdependent.

Reducing waste, for example, would improve the quality of life in communities and keep national parks clean. And that is exactly why GMFER, Mizu Eco-Care and Eco-Rising Zambia launched the BEAT(ing) PLASTIC POLLUTION project on 5 June, International Environment Day.

March 26, 2023

Savannah Wellness

When we think of wellness, we think of a hot sauna followed by cooling off in the pool, a little exercise while swimming or walking and, above all, rest and relaxation. The Savannah also offers all this – just in a slightly different form…

March 23, 2023


Who would have thought that?

No one surprises us, impresses us, enchants us as much as Mother Nature does. Over the course of millions of years, since the emergence of the very first cell, Mother Nature has created the truly strangest curiosities. You can marvel at some of these in this quiz (while testing your knowledge of the flora and fauna of the African bush)

March 11, 2023

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Tracking Mother Nature: Prominent Paw Prints

While on a walk through nature, how thoroughly did you look at tracks on the ground? What differences could you see? And what conclusions could you draw about the animal that left the footprint?

March 1, 2023

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A Life Along the Water

They are big, chubby and prefer to spend the day having a bath. But they are also quick-tempered and aggressive, which is why they are one of the most dangerous mammals in Africa. Hippos are actually very territorial and defend their home from any intruder. Repeatedly hunted down by the ivory trade, and often suffering greatly due to human-animal conflict, the hippopotamus population is now considered endangered.

February 27, 2023


Tracking Mother Nature: Who was strolling along here?

Tracks in the ground, marks on trees, droppings on a rock – we are surrounded by signs that can be read by anyone who is willing to look at their surroundings. Some of these signs are easy to decipher, but others are difficult to interpret. But put them all together and you can learn the latest about our wildlife neighbours.

February 18, 2023


On A Bush Walk

There are two options for exploring the wonders of the African bush: If you decide to go on a game drive, you will be taken by your guide in one of the big, mostly open vehicles over the bumpy gravel roads. Or you can venture into the bush on foot to experience the wild life of the savannah at first hand.

February 10, 2023


Isn’t It Dazzling?!

What do you expect when you plan a trip to the savannah of Africa? A wonderful memory? Pride and cackles? Even a crash? Sounds odd, true, but in fact that’s exactly what you’ll see there…

January 30, 2023


Radio Africa

An animal that brings a smile to everyone’s face: with their large heads in proportion to their bodies, bristly manes and truly unique flight behaviour, warthogs are the favourite of every safari guest.

January 26, 2023


An Owl in Daylight

The eerie hoo-hoo of an owl is one of the typical sounds of the night. But some owls are also active during the day. Like the Barred Owlet, which is found in the north-east of South Africa.

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